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"I love the paradox between the destructive nature of fire and the protective properties it provides to the wood."

It interests me that to make something strong and durable we effectively set it on fire. The history of this ancient art inspires me and the innovative skills we’ve adapted at Toasted have unveiled new beautiful finishes I just cant wait to share.

The process is about substance rather than superficiality. Taking time and energy to prepare everything by hand gives a real authenticity and it’s that authenticity that is lacking in a lot of main stream projects today. That’s something I think designers and architects can appreciate.

The variety of finishes and the different species available provides architects and designers with so much choice and diversity in its application. Every job can be truly tailor made. Whether it’s inside or out, your Toasted wood won’t be the same as anyone else’s.


The Science of Toasting Wood

Essentially the flame burns the cellulose sugars inside the wood while the tougher lignin stays intact. This means the wood will be just as strong and yet will adopt new properties making it perfect as a building material. It becomes rot proof, weather proof and insect proof. The layer of carbon created along with charcoal compounds left behind after the burn, do not taste good and are unhealthy for insects to eat. Also, once the wood has been burned it is much more difficult for it to go on fire again. This was one of the main reasons for the initiation of burnt wood all those hundreds of year ago.

The oldest wooden building in the world dates back to 711 AD and still stands. You can visit the Horyuji Temple in Japan, and marvel at its pagoda which was built using burnt wood. Quite the testimony to its endurance.

With our highly skilled burn techniques, we make sure we get the correct depth of char required for the ultimate level of protection. This is the key to the durability and also the longevity of your exterior toast.

We have refined and adapted the burnt wood process to offer our clients a bespoke product using artisan techniques.



Western Red Cedar, Douglas Fir, Siberian Larch and Accoya are all extremely well suited to being used in the application of burnt wood or yakisugi as the process is also known as and there are various grades within these species. We are happy to discuss other species with clients if required.

There are varying degrees of toasting that we can give the wood. These range from the lightly toasted effect all the way to the dramatic alligator finish for maximum impact.

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Picture of wood being burnt
Picture of light toast wood

Lightly Toasted

This level of char allows you to really see the contrast of the grain. A dramatic and stunning finish really highlighting the wood’s natural beauty. This would not be as protected against the elements as the darker finishes and so most people use it as an interior finish.

Picture of medium toast wood

Medium Toast

This option can be adapted to offer a smooth brushed caramel finish, or a more deliberately uneven ‘reclaimed’ look depending on the client’s requirements. Striking and unforgettable. This finish needs maintenance with our sealant to protect it and keep its colour from fading.

Picture of burnt toast wood

Burnt Toast

A variety of techniques combine to give your timber a spectacularly rich, burnt chocolate appearance. It is a very textured and tactile finish. Burnt toast will go onto your building looking more like an espresso colour and will appear almost black in low lighting. Then gradually, through the years, it will fade in a controlled manner to a paler, nutty brown. Truly luxurious and a thing of beauty.

Picture of pitch black wood

Pitch Black

Although this is technically black it does shimmer when the charcoal catches the light. People often compare this iridescence to a blackbird’s wing. Rich, sophisticated and dramatic, this is our most popular and best selling finish. It is a very durable finish for any application.

Picture of half gator

Half Gator

The wood is subjected to multiple procedures and a final high intensity burn is applied until the wood just starts to blister. This stunning and unique finish is popular both inside and out. It is a rustic and extremely durable finish. A design classic.

Picture of alligator wood


It is almost difficult to believe this finish is completely natural. This is actually the finish that the ancient burnt wood most accurately emulates. Our artisan burn techniques use a high intensity heat which causes the wood to blister and create an almost leather look crocodile skin effect. It can be used inside or out although we usually recommend that it is not suitable for very high traffic areas.

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